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A big success to 2017 Technology and Information Exchange meeting of Steel Wire Products Industry

Quality improvement, Environmental protection, to improve the industry to convert——2017  Technology and Information Exchange meeting of Steel Wire Products Industry was held successfully

2017 Technology and Information Exchange meeting of Steel Wire Products Industry, which was held by steel wire products industry and The Chinese Society for Metals-deep processing branch on 13-16th December 2017 at Wu Yuan Cha Bo Fu Gong Guan in Jiangxi. All together 228 registered members from home and aboard of metal products industry, to discuss industry topics focus on “quality improvement, environmental protection and  to improve the industry to convert”.


From 19:00-21:00 on November 13th, “steel wire induction heating seminar hold by Italy ATE company” was hold on Chabofu Building 8, Conference room 1. More than 100 members and technical expert from ATE discussed the technical puzzle and hot problem around heating technology with high environmental protection. Until now, ATE’s production line has been applied in Shan Dong Da Ye Group, Jiangsu Xingda, Shandong Shun Tong, Kiswire ShanDong Rongcheng and Qing Dao Steel Cord, BEKAERT steel cord company and Shan Dong Shengtai Group successfully.


On November 14th, there were 16 leaders and experts made speech in the conference meeting. In the first part, the conference was held by Mr.Song Wei,  secretary-general of steel wire products industry as well as deputy secretary-general of The Chinese Society for Metals-material deep processing branch. First of all, Mr. Mao Haibo, who is the president/secretary of the party committee of Sinosteel Zhengzhou Research Institute of Steel Wire Products Co., LTD ,vice chairman of the Chinese Society for Metals. President Mao mentioned,This meeting is held at a particular moment, the spirit of the whole country to thoroughly study the 19th CPC National Congress into the new era of socialism China characteristics, we should take Chinese socialist ideological characteristics of Xi Jinping new era as a guide, don't forget the heart, remember our mission, the metal industry supply side reform and innovation driven development closely together, 19th CPC National Congress proposed new ideas, new conclusions, new strategies and new initiatives, to truly implement metal products industry and make up.

Recently, there are 3 problems in China metal product industry: (1)the adjustment of product structure has met the big technical bottleneck; (2) the green environmental problem has forced the technological reform and the process reengineering; (3) the operation cost of the industry is high, and the survival of the enterprises is facing greater pressure. According to the 19th CPC National Congress report, given the direction of development of the industry, adhere to one principle: quality first, efficiency first; adhere to a main line to deepen structural reforms to promote the supply side; three changes; construction of four collaborative industrial system: the construction of the "three" of the economic system.


Vice President Liu Lihua from Jiang Su Fastern Group and Shen Yuanmei, quality project and products control manager from bekaert (China)technology research company made speech of “innovation leading the new kinetic energy of enterprise transformation and upgrading" and "upgrading the quality of technological innovation to promote the upgrading of enterprises" respectively. Combined with the company's leading products and development goals, it is put forward that innovation and quality are the main kinetic energy of transformation and upgrading of enterprises. At the same time, they share the valuable experience and effectiveness of enterprises in quality improvement and green development. They are rich in content and clear in views, which benefits delegates.


Deputy general manager of Hangzhou Xingguan Machinery Technology Co. Ltd. Sun Shanglin mainly introduced "the main transmission system of machine and energy-saving environmental protection type grinding wire drawing machine, power source of main drive system of the new drawing machine is the common standard of permanent magnet motor, at rated speed," inherent "energy saving 3% - 5% than asynchronous motor. At the same time, the triangle belt drive is cut off, and the effect of energy saving is 6% - 8%. In addition, the advantages of saving energy in low speed section are added, and the total energy saving is 15%.General manager of Shanghai Yuxuan Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd., Sheng Zunyi, mainly introduced the new servo direct drive wire drawing machine. The main features of the wire drawing machine are: (1) servo direct drive; (2) twins design; (3) electric built-in; (4) Internet of things management. Finally, it can reduce equipment maintenance cost, reduce power consumption, improve unit area capacity, plug and play, intelligent management and so on. Italy  Eurolls machinery (Shanghai) Co., Chinese Market Manager Ba Yan published an article entitled "how to improve the quality and mode of drawing machine and efficiency, green production" conference speech, mainly from the drawing machine design, system configuration, diameter reduction, cooling and lubrication. This ultimate goal to realize the quality, efficiency and green environmental protection, the key technology mainly includes: (1) to replace the drawing die extrusion, line quality internal organization uniform; (2)to improve the cooling drum + rolling friction roller die decreases, the speed increases; (3) to reduce downtime for mold, low failure rate, less maintenance, improve equipment efficiency; (4) without drawing powder pollution, green environmental protection etc.


Low carbon products member-- Tianjin Huayuan wire products Co. Ltd. deputy general manager Yu Xibin entitled "enterprise development for the transformation and upgrading of quality first" green conference report, mainly introduced the quality of Tianjin Huayuan wire products, promote green development measures: (1) to optimize the product structure, improve product quality. Actively develop high value-added products; (2) improving technology, the construction of green plants, green enterprise development; (3) strengthen the enterprise informationization, intelligent development, innovation driven transformation and upgrading of enterprises. At the same time, put forward the enterprise development strategy in 13th Five-Year and the main initiatives to create a leading brand products in the field of low carbon technology research and development and manufacturing. The meeting in the afternoon was chaired by Shen Xianmin, deputy director of the editorial department of metal products.


First of all, steel wire and stranded wire member - Guizhou steel Limited by Share Ltd engineering Lu Ping published a report entitled "reform and innovation to promote the transformation and upgrading of quality improvement, seek development" green conference speech, focuses on the beneficial exploration and remarkable achievements in recent years to enhance the quality of GuiZhou steel rope company and make the green development aspect: (1) adhere to scientific and technological innovation, improve product quality; (2) the elimination of backward production capacity, promote green development; (3) the implementation of big data strategy, promote the integration of the two.Then, hare Ltd product development minister Zhang Zhengyu from Jiangsu Xingda steel cord Limited  company and deputy general manager Becca Pieter (Xinyu) metal products Co., Duan Jianhua made a speech. From a technical perspective describes factors influencing the quality of steel cord and sent off to the technology development of cleaner production to meet the requirement of steel wire, in-depth study of the experts from.


Chinese Metal Association Deputy Secretary General Wang Meng, high technology equipment branch Elaskon Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Sales Manager Liu Sipeng made a speech entitled "free, free of lead wire and pickling bath products offline heat treatment equipment" and "high quality oil to improve the quality of the steel and improve the" environmental protection conference, rich the content of the meeting, delegates also attracted wide attention.


The Steel Products Institute of Guangzhou steel wire technology Co. Ltd. chief engineer Xing Xianqiang published a report entitled "wonderful speech and clean status of quenching and tempering production" spring steel wire industry in China, introduces the domestic oil tempered spring steel wire for domestic supply and demand conditions, Quenched and tempered spring steel wire quality and the gap between the developed countries is analyzed, and the idea of the spring wire clean production; prestressed products division net unit - Tianjin Metallurgical Group ZTE Shengda Steel Co., Ltd. chief engineer Wang Wenxi published a report entitled "ten years of the development of green quality Brilliantness" change rapidly the conference, mainly introduced ZTE Shengda was founded ten years ago, with science and technology innovation as the core, make great achievements in the products, management, environmental protection, put forward in the "13th Five-Year" period, adhere to market-oriented to the development of high-end metal products With the help of "Internet plus", expand exports, continue to build the brand, strengthen internal management, improve the environmental management performance, and strive through the development of new products, new technology application and development of energy saving and emission reduction, goods station application means, to achieve new business brilliant.


Finally, Shen Xianmin, deputy director of the editorial department of metal products, read out the results of the selected papers of Zheng Yan cup, and gave full affirmation to the 56 papers of this conference. Conference papers around the theme, summed up the metal products industry and enterprises in the quality improvement and green development of exploration and achievements, and put forward suggestions and measures for how to seek better development in the new situation, which has a certain reference value.


According to the meeting agenda, the 15 morning is divided into steel wire strand group and steel wire rope and rubber skeleton material group according to the product category.  Steel wire and strand group by the Deputy Secretary General Lu Ping and the whole product net long prestressed units on behalf of Pan Jie presided over the group; rubber material for steel wire rope, wire rope net long from north branch units on behalf of Hong Guang and Jiangsu Xingda steel cord company chaired by Zhang Zhengyu. The two group, nearly 170 delegates, made full use of the rare opportunities to make extensive exchanges around the theme of the conference, or the difficulties in production, or the promotion of new technologies.


In the highly long net unit and the various sub network and network long units, the Secretariat staff carefully organize, delegates actively cooperate with the Congress, the completion of the agenda, a complete success.


The 19th CPC National Congress report pointed out that China's economy has shifted from high speed growth stage to high quality development stage, and is in the key stage of changing development mode, optimizing economic structure and changing growth momentum. The pursuit of economic development in China is not the growth of growth, but more emphasis on quality and efficiency. Meanwhile, this year is the second year of the iron and steel industry adjustment and upgrading plan (2016-2020 years). The iron and steel adjustment and upgrading plan has made a higher upgrading target in 5 aspects. In the future, the Secretariat will continue to service members, to further accelerate the metal products industry in China, to improve the quality of green development and transformation and upgrading, promote scientific and technological innovation ability, nerver forgot why you started and temper endeavour, to achieve our dream of power metal products together. (Information Network Secretariat)

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