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National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center passes on-site evaluation of "three in one" expansion project

From June 29 to June 30, National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of our Institute successfully passed the on-site evaluation of CNAS, CMA and the "three in one" qualification confirmation and extension of the National Inspection Center.


According to the requirements of relevant laboratory accreditation criteria, the CNAS evaluation expert group, headed by Director Niu Xingrong, conducted a thorough and comprehensive verification of the management system documents, the technical capability of extended product testing, instruments and equipment, and personnel of the Quality Institute.

The first review meeting was held at 8:30 a.m. on June 29. After the meeting, the laboratory was visited, field tests were arranged, and the operation of system documents was reviewed. The final meeting was held at 3:40 p.m. on June 30.

Through intensive and orderly two-day on-site evaluation, the evaluation expert group agreed that the environment, equipment, personnel, technology and management system of the quality inspection center can meet the effective operation of laboratory testing and the development of new projects, and confirmed the products and parameters declared by the quality inspection center. This expansion review covers new testing items such as carbon black content detection of plastics, oxidation induction time detection, and individual unauthorized testing items of existing testing products such as steel wire rope and section steel. This expansion confirms 70 products and 41 testing parameters of qualification identification items.

Director Niu Xingrong, the head of the evaluation team, gave full affirmation and recognition to the expansion of the Quality Institute, and put forward higher requirements for the Quality Institute to enhance the consciousness of the execution procedure and operate strictly in accordance with the procedure documents. For the future development direction of Quality Institute, Director Niu pointed out the direction. The development should follow the new policies and regulations of CNAS. Only by taking the newly issued documents of CANS as the vane, can we further depart from the Quality Institute 's goal of "leading in China and first-class in the world".


Director Hong Tao of the Quality Inspection Center expressed admiration for the dedication and pragmatic work style of the expert group, and expressed deep appreciation for the hard work of the experts in the past two days, especially for the suggestions and opinions given by the center in the process of evaluation. Director Hong pointed out that the quality inspection center would certainly put into effect the problems raised by the experts. This review will be regarded as an opportunity to learn, improve and improve.


The successful passing of this review once again proves that Quality Institute is a united and cooperative entity, a good learning and fighting entity. In the future work, Quality Institute will continue to develop its strengths and avoid weaknesses, consolidate its testing ability, improve its comprehensive strength, and strive to achieve the goal of "leading in China and first-class in the world". (Zhang Dandan)

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