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The Editorial Department of Metal Products won the third prize in the tenth editorial and proofreading contest of Henan Province

In order to fully demonstrate and test the professional skills and level of editors in Henan's periodical field, encourage and drive editors to meet new challenges, promote the cultivation of editors and publishers and the improvement of the overall quality of periodicals, Henan Journal Association held Henan Province Periodical in Henan Agricultural High-tech Park, Zhongmou, on April 24, 2018. Journal Business Training and Tenth Editorial Competition. Every Journal Agency (editorial department) attaches great importance to this journal business training and editorial contest and actively organizes and participates in it. More than 130 editors from the whole province participated in the contest. According to the document of Henan Journal Association (Yuxin Publishing Association No. 3, 2018), Mr.Cao Defu, Editorial Department of Metal Products, won the third prize.

In recent years, the editorial department of Metal Products has vigorously strengthened the construction of academic quality of periodicals, paid attention to improving the editorial and publishing quality of periodicals, and insisted on both academic quality and editorial and publishing quality. Through participating in the competition, the study and communication between editors and colleagues of the editorial department of Metal Products have been strengthened, which has played a promoting role in improving the editorial quality of Metal Products. (Cao Defu)

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