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presicion shaped steel wire





The fourth factory of Zhong Shi is a secondary entity of  SINOSTEEL ZHENGZHOU RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF STEEL WIRE PRODUCTS CO., LTD, and focus on producing precision shaped stainless steel wire

Main products scope:

1.Material:SAE9254V、B55SiCr、50CrV、60Si2Mn、6Cr13Mo,、8Cr17Mo、304、631、72A、65Mn、82B、GH2132 etc.

2.Specification:∮0.5mm-5.0mm  tolerance:±0.005mm

 Thickness:∮0.2mm-4.0mm  tolerance:±0.01

  Width: 0.3mm-6.0mm      tolerance±0.015mmmm

3.Typical section view

4.Delivery status: annealing, light drawing, hard drawing,oil-tempered etc.

   surface status: silver, grey,black etc.

5.Packaging: using ∮400/∮500/∮650/800 lining paper tube to hold.

Coil weight 30Kg-300Kg, could use carrier protectional package if necessary.

6.products usage: Piston Ring,overlaying ring,spring,collar precision steel wire etc.



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