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Rough oil quenching-tempering spring steel wire


Use: For suspension spring of saloon, load-carrying vehicle and minicar, damping spring of custom motorcycle and other springs requiring high performance. 

Material: 55CrSi,SAE9254, 60Si2MnA, 60Si2Cr, 65Mn, and etc.

Specification: 8.0~16.0mm

Standard: GB/T18983;JISG3560; EN102702-2; ASTM A229/A229M or agreement. 

Major technical index:

1.The steel wires have their grain size to be larger than grade 11 and have good anti-relaxation performance.

The yield ratio is larger than 0.9, and the fluctuation of its tensile resistance degree of the same reel shall be less than 50MPa.

3.Non-metallic inclusions shall have their class to conform to the technical specification of clean steel. 

4.The product has realized on-line eddy-current test. The defect is marked red and the surface quality is good.

5.The reel weights about 2t.

6.Grade-2000MPa oil quenching-tempering spring steel wire for suspension spring can be produced. 


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