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Equipment for steel wire products

1. Wire pre-treatment line

① mainly apply for pre-treatment High-carbon Low-carbon and alloy steel wire, we can design particular plans according to the requirements of the customer.

② this line is mainly include pay-off machine, descaler, mechanical washing machine, pickling tank, coating tank and dryer.  

③design speed 2m/s. ④ it is equipped with acid mist pumping and neutralization device, and reach the discharge standards. ⑤the newest dryer is more efficient and short.


2. Wire drawing machine

①we can supply straight-line drawing machines from 400mm to 1200mm.

② we can supply up-head down drawing machines from 500mm to 1500mm.

③mainly apply for High-carbon Low-carbon and alloy steel wire.

④ the control method is PROFIBUS communication and HMI operator Interface. And the machine runs at a faster speed stably.


3. Pay-off and take-up machines

①spool pay-off and take-up machines.

② take-up machines of spring wire quenching Line.

③ Trunk type take-up machines.

4. No-pickling rust cleaning

① the new design of sand belt grinding machine,blasting machines and Thousand impeller grinding machines can instead of pickling perfectly.

② the machines can apply for High-carbon Low-carbon and alloy steel wire.


5. Multi-wire welding wire copper coating line

Details of the line: Pay-off machines, technical tanks, polishing machines and take-up machines etc.

Design speed: CO2 welding wire: 6 m/s,submerged arc welding wire 2.5 m/s.

The whole line is controlled by PLC, and each wire can be controlled as a unit.

There is an exhaust gas pumping system on the line.

Its design will be based on the actual demands of the customers.


6. Single wire welding wire copper coating line

① this line includes LZ-400 fine drawing machine, technical tanks, tension device, double –capstan polishing machine, tension device and take-up machine.

②Design speed: 18 m/s.

③The double-capstan polishing machine will realize non-stop changing spools.

④the whole line is linked together with the drawing machine, this will make the operating more easily.

7. Welding wire layer rewinding machine

① Details of the machine: Pay-off machine, the tension device, layer rewinder machine and control system.

② Mainly apply for CO2 welding wire, aluminum welding wire, flux-cored welding wire and stainless steel welding wire, the wire diameter is from 0.8 to 1.6 mm,the speed is 25m/s.

③Both the pay-off machine and the layer rewinder are drived by frequency conversion motor. The movement of whole system is controlled by PLC which is supplied by SIEMENS. Parameters can be easily showed or changed by the HMI.

④ two types of the machines for customer, one rewinding principle is “track following”, the plastic reel can be moved left or right intermittently while rewinding, it is fit for large range of wire dia. The other is rewinding by ball screw drived servo motor, it is fit for high speed.

⑤ The movement of wire straightener is controlled by cylinder. While rewinding the straightener works by the cylinder, and it can be opened automatically while reverse in order to reduce the impress on the wire surface.

8. Submerged Arc welding wire layer rewinding machine

①Details of the machine: Pay-off machine, the wire straightener, layer rewinder machine and control system.

② the pay-off machine is controlled by a self-② the pay-off machine is controlled by a self-adaption torque from a frequency conversion motor, and the winding displacement is drived by a ball screw and a step motor.

③ The movement of whole system is controlled by PLC which is supplied by SIEMENS. Parameters can be easily showed or changed by the HMI.

④ the wire diameter is from 2 to 5 mm, the speed is 8 m/s. the weight of finished product is from 25kg to 300kg.

9. TZ-630/400 pail packing machine

① Details of the machine: Pay-off machine, the tensile device, T-400 take up machine and control system.

② Controlled by Siemens S7PLCtouch screen h u m a n - m a c h i n e c o m m u n i c a t i o n .Running speed, weight of take up and un-take up can be display on the screen.

③ It is equipped with emergency stop for wire disorder, with good safety protection. 

④ t h e w i r e diameter is from 1.0 to 2.0 mm, the speed is 20 m/s. the weight of finished product is from 250 kg to 500kg.


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