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The Wire Drawing Lubricant Factory of SINOSTEEL ZHENGZHOU RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF STEEL WIRE PRODUCTS CO., LTD. is an secondary entity specialized in researching and producing wire drawing lubricate and the related chemical products.It has advanced production process equipments, perfect detection means, and powerful technical force and whole set of testing methods.

In 2006, it passed the technical and product identification organized by The Chinese Society for Metals.Through more than 30 years development, the whole series of products have been more and more professional, production technology have been more and more mature and high-effiency and environmental protection, and products can modified based on clents' requirements.

"jinrun"brand products have :steel wire drawing lubricant, fog inhibitor for acid cleaning and sintered carbide die. The dry lubricant includes eight series covering more than 20 kinds and the wet drawing lubricant has two series. Therefore, the products can meet the current domestic wire drawing need.


The main composition and additives of “Jin Run” brand lubricant are researched and tested by a lot of strict test. As the products integrated specificity and universality, they can meet the requirements of many different drawing speed and technologies.


After about 30 years’ production and use, the straight-line drawing mode makes the products more stable and reliable in quality and can meet the production need of 0.3-25mm steel wire.



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